1819 Hobby Horse (Red Replica)


Few 200-year-old hobby horses have survived. So replicas were built by cycle enthusiasts to enjoy the sensations that would have been experienced by the original pioneers. There were no pedals in those days. To move forwards, the rider sat astride of the machine and walked it along, and then coasted once they had built up sufficient speed. It was known as ‘Swift-walking’.

The interesting thing about this type of machine is that despite it being over two centuries since the Hobby Horse was invented, traditional carpentry, blacksmith work, saddlemaking and wheelwright skills have not changed that much. So it’s possible to use similar methods of construction to create replicas.

I bought this one from my friend Paul who has used it often over the years and also had it on display at his museum. You can see a video I took of it in use in 2017. It’s in excellent condition and ready to ride.


To see it at The Museum click here…

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1819 Hobby Horse (Replica)


WIDTH: 16″


25″ wooden wheel rims, spokes and hubs & metal band tyres 

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