1869 Velocipede Compagnie Parisienne (Ancienne Maison Michaux)


In 1869, Michaux had financial problems and sold his business to the Olivier brothers. So to be precise, this is not a Michaux velocipede but a ‘Company Parisienne’ velocipede, being the new trademark of the Olivier Frères Society. The title at the top of the identification plate (photo above) translates as ‘Old house Michaux’.

Number 3963 has been dated as April 1870. So we assume this example with number 2635 was built in late 1869 or early 1870.

During the Franco-Prussian War (19 July, 1870 to 28 January, 1871) – the company switched from making bicycles to weapon production.

This Michaux has been preserved in remarkably good original condition – the best I have ever seen – with much of its first paint intact on the metal and the wood. As you can see below, its frame number is stamped not only on the frame and fork but on both wheel hubs too.

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1869/1870 Velocipede Compagnie Parisienne (Ancienne Maison Michaux)

Front wheel 37″ (94cm)

Rear wheel 31″ (79cm)

Frame number 2635

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