1899 Crescent Ladies’ Bevel-gear Chainless


At a practical level, the advantage of a chainless bicycle over a conventional chain-driven machine is debatable. But aesthetically they stand their ground. Thanks to the vast investment by Colonel Pope, plus a decade of publicity campaigns, American bevel gear machines of the late 1890s became the world leaders in the chainless market.

This Model 18 has been in Britain for many years and has metal Westwood wheel rims and conventional tyres rather than the unsuccessful wooden rims and tubeless tyres used in America. It was previously owned by a longtime collector. It has recently been fitted with a new Wheeler Extra No 20 saddle made by Paul Watson. You can see these illustrated in the Crescent catalogue. It’s in excellent all round condition and ready to ride.

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1899 Crescent Ladies’ Bevel-gear Chainless

Model 18

22″ Frame

28″ Wheels 

Wheeler Extra No 20 saddle

Frame-mounted toolbag

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