1900 Premier Helical Ladies’ Tricycle



‘Helical’ Premier bicycles, with their distinctive spiral frame tubing, are not so common these days. But a helical tricycle is an especially rare breed: I only know of two surviving examples (I sold the other one last tear to a museum in Russia). The 1898 catalogue illustration, below, shows it with a conventional right-hand drive chainwheel (previous examples had the chainwheel on the left). I noticed that a metal chaincase was optional – an extra £2 5/-.

This tricycle was owned and restored by the well-respected collector Bill Bush many decades ago. Apart from a few scratches to the paintwork, it is still in excellent original condition and is ready to ride.


To see it at The Museum click here…


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1900 Premier Helical Ladies’ Tricycle

(Helical frame tubing)

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels

Starley patent rear axle

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