1901 Boer War / WW1 Lucas Cycloe Front Carrier Rack


I usually only sell complete mechanically restored antique bicycles. I rarely sell parts – as I must absorb the 20% VAT it does not make the exercise very profitable. But occasionally when I have rare parts remanufactured for my own display bicycles, I get a few extras made for resale.

I had this turn-of-the-century Lucas front carrier rack remanufactured for my military bicycle displays because there are only a handful of surviving originals so they are impossible to find. I’m offering a few extras for resale. They were so much hassle to make that once they are sold, I will not get any more done. So this item will become a limited production future collectible 🙂

They are ready to fit and use. I advise adding a leather strip or lead lining between the clips and the headstock to avoid damage to the paintwork.
Use or make square head nut/bolt for period effect (nuts/bolts not supplied).

The item will be packed as is (not dismantled). I am including free worldwide signed-for delivery. The price of £360 includes delivery and VAT. If you are VAT registered please ask for a VAT receipt.

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