1909 Keystone ‘No 31′ Tiller & Treadle Girls’ Tricycle


This treadle-powered children’s tricycle has 20″ rear wheels with ‘steel tires’ – ie bare wheels without rubber – which designates it as a ‘No 31’ model suitable for a child 4 to 6 years old. A feature was its seat which could be easily adjusted.

This style of children’s tricycle was manufactured from the 1880s, and smaller versions were still being sold up to WW2. They were often bought for children by grandparents nostalgic about their own childhood. Though the first examples had metal rims without tyres, rubber tyre models soon came onto the market at a higher price. In the case of this tricycle, the addition of rubber tyres doubled the price from $6 to $12.

Tiller & treadle tricycles were marketed towards girls, while front-driver velocipede tricycles were aimed at boys. This example is in good all round condition and ready to use.

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1909 Keystone ‘No 31’ Girls’ Tricycle

Tiller steering. Treadle operation

Made by Edward K. Tryon Co of Philadelphia

12″ Front Wheel

20″ Rear Wheels

Adjustable seat

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