1912 Singer Path Racer with Sloping Top Tube


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1912 Singer Path Racer

Sloping Top Tube with 1 inch Drop

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels

Frame No 266137

In the early years of the industry, Singer had been the world’s leading cycle company. Even though, by 1912, they had moved into motorcycle and car production and those areas were now their priority, they still had a loyal customer base for bicycle sales up to World War One. (After the War, the company was sold to the ‘Premier Cycle Co’).

This is a very rare Singer, being a road racer with sloping top tube. It’s a fast single speed machine with freewheel. Cosmetically it is unrestored and completely original. You can just about see the remains of the Singer transfer (decal) on the steering head. The Singer has recently been serviced and it’s ready to ride.


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