1915 Rudge-Whitworth Lady’s Model 61 Crescent


It was against the law to use petrol privately in Britain during World War One, as it was needed for military purposes. So bicycles were the primary form of independent transportation. Women from all classes worked in factories to help the war effort, and I’m sure this Crescent, purchased from Rudge-Whitworth in 1915, would have seen essential service during that dark time.

It’s a glorious 106-year-old survivor, with unrestored original paintwork and transfers (decals) intact. Its components are correct and original, It has recently been serviced, has new tyres and tubes fitted, and is ready to ride.

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1914 Rudge-Whitworth Lady’s Crescent

Model 61

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Brooks Lady’s Model 76 saddle with patterned top

Frame No 747597

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