1918 Harley-Davidson Model 318


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1918 Harley-Davidson Model 318

20″ Frame

28″ Wheels

New Departure coaster brake

Frame No 312024

Few Girl’s Harley Davidson bicycles were made – there was less demand for them – and not many survive. This example is in original unrestored condition. Most Harley Davidson bicycles (ie boys’ models) that you can find now are either restored or replicas, so it’s refreshing to see one with original paintwork.

I bought it in 2013 and sold it to a friend. Unfortunately he didn’t appreciate how delicate American wooden wheels can be unless stored in a constant warm environment, and the rims have warped (front) and cracked (rear). It’s a very common problem with all vintage wooden bicycle wheels. I have now bought the bicycle back from him. To put this historic bicycle back on the road, the rims can be replaced with new Italian ones from Ghisallo, who are world leaders in that field and make them to order. The saddle has also deteriorated. It needs cleaning and a new leather top to be supplied by the world’s saddle-master, Paul Watson in Melbourne. I have temporarily fitted a ‘Wheeler’ saddle supplied by Paul Watson.

SOLD FOR RESTORATION – Excellent original unrestored paint, but it needs new wooden wheel rims 


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