1924 Indian Junior Roadster Model 150-H


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1924 Indian Junior Roadster Model 150-H

with ‘Drop curve top bar’

19″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Kids up to twelve years of age or so rode dedicated juvenile bicycles such as ‘sidewalk’ bikes, or velocipede tricycles. But, already by this age, they were ready for adult styles of bicycles. Men’s bicycles had 22″ frames, so were still too tall for some kids.

It was the use of the ‘camel back’ style of frame – described in Indian catalogue as a ‘drop curve top bar’ – that made the larger style of bicycle suitable for teenagers. It converted a 22″ frame down to 19″. Bear in mind that it still has full size 28″ wheels, so even though a young adult could reach the pedals, they might need to grow a bit taller before they could touch the ground from the saddle!

This Indian  is one of the rarest of the company’s models to find. With demand for Indian bicycles now outstripping supply, an industry grew up since the 1990s turning other bicycles made by the Davis Sewing Machine Co into replica Indians, using reproduction badges and parts. As you can see from this frame, it’s a genuine Indian, and it’s in good unrestored condition with original cosmetics. I’ve fitted 27″ pneumatic tyres onto the 28″ wooden rims.



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