1929 BSA Fittings Lightweight Track Racer (USA)


This extremely lightweight track machine from America is resplendent in old red paint and nickel forks. There are traces of blue underneath but the red looks like it has been on it for many decades.

The BSA Fittings frame was popular for racing. Its headbadge is missing, but I assume this bicycle to be the work of a small American cycle shop. Builders had a wide choice of fittings and this one has design features reminiscent of Bastide racing cycles, which were a major influence on British lightweight cycle builders of the twenties. Though some parts look post-World War One, I think it was built in the late 1920s. The narrow wooden wheels were slightly out of true, so I dropped it off last week at my local wheel builder and he has now corrected them and fitted new tubular tyres. It’s ready to ride.

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1920s BSA Fittings Lightweight Track Racer (USA)

20.5″ Frame

27″ Wooden wheels with tubular tyres

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