1931 Rudge-Whitworth ‘No 37’ All Weather Model


This rare Rudge-Whitworth ‘All Weather’ has obviously been well cared for throughout its lifetime – the company’s patent ‘V section’ mudguards are weaker than normal mudguards and if the bike is picked up by its rear mudguard it would bend and break it. This is the first thing i look at when contemplating buying a Rudge-Whitworth.

It was restored and repainted many years ago, and is still in good all round condition. New tyres and tubes were recently fitted and it’s ready to ride.

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1931 Rudge-Whitworth ‘No 37’ All Weather Model

Sturmey-Archer ‘Model K’ Three Speed Gear 

Coupled brakes

Dunlop saddle

26″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No A177076

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