1946-1953 BSA Junior Parabike: Girl’s Model PJ/2


The BSA Junior Parabike was inspired by the BSA Airborne Bike used during WW2. Not everyone’s father would have used a BSA Airborne Bicycle. But no doubt most boys and girls would have wished their fathers had jumped out of planes with paratrooper bikes to help defeat the enemy, as portrayed on the wonderful Junior Parabike advertising poster. It was sound marketing strategy from BSA – as you can see from the poster, boys and girls could gaily ride their parabikes while army paratroopers parachuted down behind them with the real thing.

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1946-1953 BSA Junior Parabike: Girl’s Model PJ/2

16″ Frame

18 x 1 3/8″ Wheels

Dunlop Juvenile Saddle

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