1962 BSA Regency Gents – Hifi Cycling


I bought this BSA on 12th JULY 2011. My diary entry reads: “Today I saw my first ‘Hi-Fi’ BSA bicycle. I visited a lovely couple, Chris and Jen, who were selling off their few remaining cyclemotors. While inspecting their BSA Winged Wheel (I could not resist buying that too), I spotted a BSA bicycle hanging up in the garage behind. It was a BSA Regency. Though my priority these days is much older bicycles, as soon as I spotted the original transfer on the seat tube, I remembered the slogan in the advert:
‘You’ve only to ride around the block to realize that the hi fi transfer on the seat or down tube of a BSA really means something’
…and I’m sure you’d understand that (even though I need yet another bicycle like I need a hole in the head) I had to take this little gem home with me too.”
Now, nine years later, I’ve had to move out of my storage unit, and I found the Hifi BSA at the back gathering dust. So I cleaned it off and took these photos. Everything is original except for the chaincase. Once it has had some new tyres fitted and a good polish, it will be ready to ride.

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1962 BSA Regency Gents – Hifi Cycling

23″ Frame

26 x 1 3/8″ Wheels

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