1968 Clark Scamp Moped


Clark Masts Ltd, based on the Isle of Wight, used the small-wheeled CWS Commuter bicycle to mount their own 49cc two-stroke engine to the left of the pressed-steel rear wheel. They marketed it as the Clark Scamp.

Transmission was provided by clutch and direct gearing, and a flywheel provided direct lighting. The brakes were drum to the front and caliper to the rear. Clark had previously been in discussion with a Mr Coco about the use of his engine design, which apparently they used. Later he sued them, and won, over the use of his ideas in the Clark engine. As a result it was only in production for one year, and an estimated 400 were built.

This Clark Scamp is in wonderful original unrestored cosmetic condition and in excellent running order. It’s ready to ride.

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1968 Clark Scamp Moped


Registered NCT 80G (with V5C)

17″ Frame

16″ Wheels

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