1992 Strutt Worksong Folding X Frame


The Strutt Worksong was built for only a short time after it was introduced in 1989. It’s an excellent bicycle, benefitting from a unique cross-frame design and also it’s a folding model. However, the British economy was not good in the early 1990s and the Worksong was not a cheap bicycle to produce. I became interested in them because they were built at Hurn Airport in Dorset. I had a garage restoring and selling vintage cars and motorcycles nearby, in Bournemouth, during the 1980s, and I used to park my double decker bus at Hurn Airport, near the Strutt workshop.

This Mark 2 model is the second one I’ve owned. It’s in very good all round original condition and ready to ride.

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1992 Strutt Worksong Mk 2

X Frame design folding bicycle

Sturmey-Archer 5 speed gears

20″ Frame

24″ Wheels (Tyres 28-541 / 600 x 28A)

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