1887 ‘Singer Safety’ (Semi-Diamond Cross Frame)


Singer was one of the world’s leading cycle manufacturers by the time the Safety Bicycle was introduced in 1886. The ‘Singer Safety’ went through many incarnations in its first few years, with updated versions being introduced as soon as the company was able to add further innovations (though its model name remained the same).

This, the first pattern with this frame style, features open steering, more commonly associated with 1886. This was superseded by socket steering by the time the company issued their main 1887 catalogue. Singer had to bring out extra catalogues during the year to accommodate the new variations – this Singer features in the 4th catalogue edition of 1887.

A particularly interesting feature of 1887 Singer Safeties is the semi-diamond rear end; Singer was one of the first to strengthen their bicycles in this way. Another point is the unique seat post on this model. A year later, Singer followed the lead of Rover and Swift, and the seat post was extended horizontally to the headstock to create a diamond frame bicycle.

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1887 ‘The Singer Safety’

Semi-Diamond Cross Frame

Open Steering

30″ Equal Wheels

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