1900 Tricycle Pedal Car


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c1900 Velocicpede Tricycle Pedal Car

with two-wheel brake

Length: 34″

Width: 21″

Height: 34″

Front wheel: 14″

Rear wheels: 22″

This remarkably well preserved child’s vehicle is my oldest pedal car. A steering wheel was first fitted to a full-size automobile in Europe in 1894, and used on the world’s first mass-produced car, the Benz. So this may be the first instance of a steering wheel on a juvenile version.

Because it is motivated as a velocipede tricycle, with pedals in the front wheel, and its upholstery is similar to the Benz and also horse carriages, this could have been manufactured in the late 1890s – in which case, it might be one of the first pedal cars?


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