1910 Velo De Dion Bouton


I’ve bought and sold various de Dion Bouton bicycles over the past 12 years. They are such beautiful bicycles that an attraction to the marque is not surprising. In 2011, I attended a veteran cycle ride and cycle jumble in France, my first major vintage bicycle event, and a French seller had one of these for sale with an intact transfer (decal) like this on the down tube. Unfortunately I could not afford the 300 euro sale price. I always regretted walking away from it, especially as I turned round five minutes later to offer him a deposit while I borrowed money from a friend …but in those few minutes he’d sold it. In retrospect it was worth waiting for this one to find me a decade later.

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1910 Velo De Dion Bouton ‘Modele Luxe Demi-course’

Sloping top tube with 1.5″ drop (31.5″ to 30″ standover height)

Handlebar ‘No 5 bis Cintre a potence’

De Dion Bouton original tyres

Brooks ‘Model B18’ saddle

De Dion Bouton frame-mounted toolbag

22.5″ Frame 

28″ Wheels

Frame No 47027

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