1914 Humber All Black Model 6A (with All Weather mudguards)


The 1913 and 1914 Humber catalogues illustrate an ‘All-Stone-Grey’ model with the same specification, but do not show an option for an ‘All-Black’. It was the only model on offer with all-weather mudguards. My feeling is that customers did request black versions, as the 1915 catalogue offers it as an official option at no extra cost.

This All-black was restored and repainted many years ago. The celluloid handlebar (with matching grips) is particularly attractive. The chaincase has been removed (often done on gents’ bicycles for practical reasons: to reduce weight and make it easier to change the rear tyre and adjust the chain). This all-weather roadster was recently serviced and is ready to ride.

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1914 Humber All Black Model 6A

with All Weather mudguards

Celluloid handlebar & grips

25″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 335495

Eadie Coaster 

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