1940s Mercury Military Roadster


Mercury military bicycles were not used during WW2 (Mercury Industries was formed in 1947), but are the same specification as the BSA Mk V and officially known as ‘Bicycle, Trade Pattern, Heavy Duty.’ Many were used on airfields. The British Army was busy after WW2, with a lot of post-war work in Europe, supporting the US Army, campaigns in India, Palestine, Africa, Malaya, Suez, etc, and these bicycles saw military service. They were used by both British and American troops.

This military Mercury has not been repainted, but is completely original, still bearing its Mercury steering head transfer, a good seat tube MERCURY transfer, and army markings (these types of markings usually indicated its area of service and where it was stored). The rubber Dunlop saddle is in excellent condition. There’s an old repair to the bottom of the front mudguard, but otherwise the roadster is in excellent all round condition, and it’s ready to display and ride.

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1940s Mercury Military Roadster

Officially described as: ‘Bicycle, Trade Pattern, Heavy Duty’

Series 6/VEH/17245


Dunlop rubber saddle

Military Markings

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels

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