1889 Quadrant Safety


This is a unique machine fitted with two accessories patented by Quadrant at the time: the spring wheel and the spring saddle support.

These two Quadrant accessories were not offered together, ready fitted to a bicycle. The spring saddle did go into production, and sold successfully. However, the Quadrant spring wheel as illustrated in their advertisements was wrong – the springs clashed with the spokes. I redesigned the spring wheel so it is functional and had one made. I’ve owned this Quadrant for around 8 years and added these parts to it in 2021.

I need to add rubbers to the pedals, then this unique suspension safety bicycle will be ready to ride.

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1889 Quadrant ‘No 17’ Dwarf Safety Roadster

with Quadrant Suspension Wheel & Saddle 

Lamplugh & Brown ‘Long Distance’ saddle 

Sprung steering head

Lever operated Rear spoon brake

21″ Frame

30″ Front Spring Wheel with Solid tyre

26″ Rear Wheel 

Solid tyres


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