1953 Garton Kidillac ‘Fire Chief’ Pedal Car


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1953 Garton Kidillac ‘Fire Chief’ Pedal Car

In America, the Kidillac became the most sought-after postwar pedal car. Until recently, most collectors restored them. But now, with the scarcity of original unrestored examples, a Kidillac in original condition is the ultimate treasure. There were variations in accessory options, and also a chain drive as well as pedal drive, but Garton only made two model variants: the ‘Police Chief’ and ‘Fire Chief.’ Far fewer of these two styles were made, and these two are now the rarest Kidillacs.

This example is wonderfully original and complete, requiring only a front badge, horn bulb, radio aerial and fire bell. An industry has grown up around the restoration of the Kidillac pedal car, and these items are available.


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